LabelSavr: The FBA Label Printing Solution

As a business owner time is your most valuable commodity.  

It doesn’t make sense to have to screenshot labels in order to print them or constantly struggle with printer setup issues.  You have better things to do with your time.

That’s where LabelSavr comes in…

LabelSavr Check Mark An integrated offering that allows you to print labels directly from your Seller Central Account

LabelSavr Check Mark Select and Print labels from your stored label history in the extension control panel without having to sign into your Seller Central account

LabelSavr Check Mark The ability to add and print pre-configured special labels like Choking Hazard, etc (no more purchasing rolls of 1,000 online)

LabelSavr Check Mark Practically zero setup required, install the extension and away you go

LabelSavr Check Mark Free updates to subscribers as more value rich features are added

Get 1 Month Free with the Annual Plan for only $54.99/year

You can find plenty of 10-15 minute YouTube tutorials online explaining the manual process of printing FBA labels.  Amazon’s sticker fee of 20 cents/ea is tempting when you have to go through that kind of a hassle just to print a label.  LabelSavr makes the process of printing FBA labels as easy and straightforward as it should be.  If you want a reliable service that gets updated regularly and provides prompt customer service then choose LabelSavr.

Only $4.99/mo for the Monthly Plan

Use the clickable print icons in the Seller Central screens you’re most likely to want or need to print labels from:

  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage FBA Inventory
  • Send/Replenish Inventory

LabelSavr - Print FBA labels from anywhere

Labels printed are stored in the extension Control Panel.  No need to be logged into Amazon – users can print labels directly from the extension.  LabelSavr comes with pre-configured special product labels (eg Choking Hazard) and shipping labels (eg Fragile) that can be added to your print jobs as well.

Product and Shipping Labels, Fragile, Choking Hazard, Suffocation Hazard, Expiration Date Select and Print Special Labels

Want to give the tool a test drive first?  That works for us!  Use the link below to create a free trial account (no credit card required) and kick the tires for a week .

YES! I'd like a 7-day Free trial