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LabelSavr Chrome Extension: The FBA Label Printing Solution

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Don’t pay Amazon to label your products for you. If your volume is over 25 products a month, save with LabelSavr.

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The most successful e-commerce businesses automate manual tasks to streamline their processes and economize time.

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What Amazon Sellers have to say about LabelSavr

Frequently Asked Questions

“Is LabelSavr available for sellers outside the US?”

Yes!  LabelSavr works for anyone who sells through Amazon using Amazon Seller Central regardless geography.

“How is LabelSavr different from Amazon’s Print Labels option?”

You’ll find numerous 10-15 minute long video tutorials on YouTube explaining how to print FBA labels with a Dymo printer.  That doesn’t sound simple to us!  LabelSavr allows you to simply click and print any or all of your labels whenever you want.

“How does the Subscription billing work?”

Annual subscriptions are billed one amount up-front.  Monthly subscriptions renew and are invoiced every month.  Annual subscriptions lock in current pricing and get 1 month free.  Monthly subscriptions are subject to price increases and receive no discount.

“What printers work with LabelSavr?”

LabelSavr works with the following Dymo LabelWriter printers: 450, 450 Turbo, 4XL, Duo, and Twin Turbo.  Zebra printers are not currently supported however that’s something we’re working on!

“How does this interact with Seller Central?”

LabelSavr extension uses information from Seller Central to create labels.  In the case of FBA labels this is exclusively the FNSKU barcode, ASIN, Product Name, and Condition.  LabelSavr extension does not copy, log, transfer, or store any information except that which is required to create a label.  No information leaves the extension and is never sent to any external servers.  The extension also places print icons on the Seller Central user interface allowing users the convenience to click and print.  Click the Learn More tab to see some examples.

“Is this compatible for Mac & PC?”